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PEP visits Rabbi Herschel Gluck

Peace Education Programme

On 18th February 2020 PEP Coordinator UK Sister Ranii Hussain along with Sister Humaira Ali visited Rabbi Herschel Gluck in London. This visit was organised by the Pep team in response to the Rabbi's recent visit to Minhaj ul Quran in Pakistan. The Rabbi was very happy to receive us and showed us great hospitality. He was keen to get to know us and we chatted about everything from faith to work to family.

He described his visit to Pakistan in detail how he visited all departments of Minhaj ul Quran. He said he enjoyed staying at Minhaj University.

We were amazed at the Rabbi's kind words regarding Minhaj ul Quran and we invited him to join us in future projects. We usually end these kinds of visits by gifting books but as the Rabbi is already so familiar with the works of Shaykh ul Islam we decided to gift him 2 books about Sufism.

Visits such as these help bring communities together and spread peace and love, as is the teaching of Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri.