Rights of the Deceased

Minhaj Sisters

Saturday 12th October in Milton Keynes saw a unique event for sisters only, on the ‘Rights of the Deceased’ delivered by Minhaj Sisters (South)

In collaboration with sisters linked into Jamia Mosque committee sr Zarida from London, demonstrated the washing and shrouding of a deceased female using a mannequin.

In the safe hands of Ustadha Zarida, (who has performed this blessed task on many occasions to many families) lead her team (from London) under the watchful eye of a mixture of youth and elderly sisters, demonstrated the procedures involved for bathing and shrouding.
More importantly, this included how one should maintain the dignity and the rights of the deceased throughout.

Alima Faiza Qadri (female scholar, London) was available for the many questions that the audience had that were quite complex and intimate.

Following the shrouding and bathing demonstration, sr Khadijah Atkinson (London) after checking in with the audience around how they were feeling after the above session, spoke around remembrance of death and afterlife (from Imam-ul-Ghazali r.a), in particular she reported on the story of Prophet Sulaiman (as) meeting the angel of death. Sr Khadijah reminded the audience of Shaykh ul Islam’s talks around protecting the soul, safeguarding the soul, ending with a quote about “live in this world, don’t let this world live in you….”

The success of this event was measured by the attendance and their feedback and more importantly the sales of Shaykh ul Islam books. All proceeds from the book sale were returned to London MQI book-shop.

It was a sombre event hosted by sr Farzana, but very much needed and appreciated.

Minhaj Sisters, South