Training session held by Minhaj Sisters Midlands

Minhaj Sisters

On the 18th November Minhaj Sisters Midlands Region had a training session at Walsall Centre. This was an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas for future events.

Midlands Deputy Coordinator sister Henna Nawaz introduced all the different projects of MQI.
After a brief introduction, each sister was given time to share ideas about how Minhaj Sisters can be productive and beneficial to the mission.
As well as joining and taking active roles in all MQI projects the sisters have started Little Mo’mins study classes in each town to encourage younger children to get involved in the mission.
As part of our interfaith work many events have been organised in Walsall, West Bromwich and Birmingham. These will be working alongside the local Christian community and other faiths also.
As this training session fell into the blessed month of Rabi ul Awal a fun secret Mawlid was organised where each sister brought a gift, these gifts were then exchanged. Nasheeds by the West Bromwich group Minhaj ul Barakah bringing the celebrations to a close.
Midlands Senior Coordinator sister Rosina Nawaz thanked all the sisters and gave some uplifting encouragement to keep moving forward. The Midlands will be having a training session every 6 months.
These kinds of exercises are imperative for the ongoing success of mission work and to keep the teams motivated.