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The Mightea Book Club launched by Minhaj Sisters

Minhaj Sisters

Today was an intro session for the book club. Masha'Allah although some sisters couldn't make today, there was a good turn out including some young children.

We walked to the local coffee shop and over some hot chocolate and cookies discussed our ideas. Copies of Peace, Integration and Human rights by Shaykh-ul-Islam were distributed.

The plan is to read it over Christmas (Mawlid!) and there is a googledrive document that everyone has access to, to collectively make notes and pick out any quotes for the next session which is on *January 8th* Insha 'Allah. We're also thinking of having a kids book club session as well so that's an idea.

If anyone missed today you can easily join the group chat we made and attend whenever you can. Alhamdulillah overall a lovely afternoon.

The Mightea Book Club Team