Minhaj Sisters hold Midlands Meeting

Minhaj Sisters

On Sunday 9th October 2016 Minhaj Sisters Midlands held their first official meeting to discuss the new Minhaj Sister’s structure and present various plans and projects to be undertaken by the different teams.

The meeting opened with Quran and Burda Recitations. The meeting was very informative and interactive between all participants. The main focus of the meeting was for teams to present their future plans with regards to the activities they wished to undertake. The teams who presented their plans were: Media Team, PEP team, MWF team, Community Service Team, Al Hidayah Team, Local Centre Team, MDP team and Education team

A team activity was also incorporated into the meeting which involved splitting the team into three groups and getting them to design a team logo representing each member of the group. The purpose of the activity was to allow the sisters to work together and get to know one another in an informal setting. The activity was a success and all participants enjoyed it very much.

All the sisters left the meeting with a better understanding of each Projects aims and objectives. It was decided that another meeting will be held in approximate six months’ time to update team members about the progress of the activities and review the success of current ideas.

The meeting conclude with closing remarks by Sister Rosina Nawaz about the importance of communication and commitment to work, followed by a prayer by Sister Tanzeem Begum.