Minhaj Sisters London participate in MWL Southampton's Muharram programme

Minhaj Sisters

Minhaj Sisters London would like to thank Southampton MWL for inviting us to participate in this year’s MWL Muharram Programme.


  • English Speaker - Khadijah Atkinson
  • Urdu Speaker - Sr Asma & Sr Rukshanda MWL
  • Quran Recitation - Hafisa Amina Hussain ( Minhaj Sisters )
  • Host - Sr Yasmeen MWL Southampton
  • Dua - Sr Zohra Hussain ( Minhaj Sisters)
  • MDP - Sr Ruqsanna ( Minhaj sisters )
  • Book Stall - Sr Humaira, Sr Fareeda (MWL) and Sr Zohra.


Sr Khadijah delivered a passionate talk on some basics of Muharram and shared some important facts around the great Sayindina Fatima (RA) and Sayindina Hussain (RA). Ending with a message from Shaykh-ul-Islam around the importance and significance of this sacred month.

Sr Asma delivered a powerful message around the love of the family of the Prophet ﷺ and important facts surrounding this sacred month.

Minhaj Sisters raised almost £400 from the promotion of MDP and selling of literature.

Report by: Sr Humaira Ali