Minhaj Sisters Midlands holds organisational meeting

Minhaj Sisters

Minhaj Sisters (Midlands) held their first meeting in Walsall Minhaj-ul-Quran Centre on Sunday 4th September 2016. This was the first meeting held after the restructure of Muslim Youth league Sisters to Minhaj sisters by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in the meeting with Ghazala Hassan Mohiddun Qadri in August. The meeting began with the recitation of the holy Quran by sister Tanzeem followed by the Qaseeda Burda and a beautiful naat by sister Aleena.

Following this, everyone introduced themselves by giving a brief introduction about themselves and their previous roles within Minhaj-ul-Quran. Sister Rosina Nawaz (Midlands Coordinator) began by explaining the new working structure of Minhaj Sisters. She then went through co-ordinator roles and what each role entailed. We then moved on to elect people for each co-ordinator role, as stated below:

  1. Welfare co-ordinator – Fardos Shahid
  2. Community projects co-ordinator – Tabassum
  3. PEP co-ordinator – Zahra Hussain (co-ordinator) and Raheela (deputy)
  4. MDP co-ordinator - Henna Nawaz (co-ordinator) and Shaneela (deputy)
  5. Education co-ordinator – Aleena Munir (co-ordinator) and sundos (deputy)
  6. Al-Hidayah co-ordinator – Nazia (co-ordinator) and Raheela (deputy)
  7. Local centre co-ordinator – Tanzeem begum (Birmingham co-ordinator) and Yasmin Hussain (Walsall co-ordinator)
  8. Media co-ordinator – Aarifah Ali (co-ordinator) and Aamana Nawaz and Raafiah Munir (deputy co-ordinators)
  9. Membership and finance co-ordinator – Moriam

After choosing coordinators, we moved onto the final part of the meeting. Sisters were put into groups and were asked questions including; what is essential for an organisation to progress, and how can an organisation create awareness? The groups had five minutes to brainstorm ideas for each question and then share with the rest of the group. This was a great way of coming up with ideas of how we can progress as an organisation

Some points that we gathered from the brainstorming activities were that communication is key in order for us to progress and reach our targets. Along with this, we should value quality over  quantity and always work together and respect everyone regardless of age. The meeting ended with a dua by Sister Rosina Nawaz.

Report by: Aarifa Ali