Dr. Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi Reorganisation Visit to UK Local Bodies

Executive Council

Dr. Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi Chief Organiser MQI UK has started his tour to visit a number of MQI UK branches, as part of this tour he visited MQI UK South Zone on 16th and 17th of November 2013.General Secretary NEC MQI UK Syed Ali Abbas Bukhari and VP South Zone NEC MQI UK Zahid Khan had the privilege of accompanying him during this tour.

His two day tour included visits to Berkshire, High Wycombe, Crawley, Aylesbury and Luton, where he was warmly welcomed by the branches who much awaited his arrival. His visit motivated and gave a new spirit to MQI members, and was also a cause of inspiration for many non MQI affiliates. His visit granted local bodies opportunity to be benefitted from his experience in better reorganizing their branches. It also proved vital for branches to meet their leader face to face and gain direct clarity on many aspects of the organisation. Moreover his visit was beneficial for non MQI affiliates as their questions were answered instantaneously which led them to decide joining MQI. During his visit he laid down the foundation of two new branches namely Crawley and Aylesbury, and would lay down foundation of more new branches in weeks to come.

In addition to the rest his inspirational visit opened many doors of success to Minhaj Educational City project. His visits to different branches will continue during his stay in UK.

Report by: Zahid Khan