Sayyeda Zainab (R.A) Conference held by MWL South Zone


28th November, 2015 - By the grace of Almighty ALLAH and Inayat-e-Rasulullah [صلى الله عليه وسلم], Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League – South organised Sayyeda Zainab (R.A) conference in Woking on 28th November, 2015 at Alpha Road Community Hall, Maybury, Woking from 12:00 till 16:00. Over 80 ladies and young sisters attended this conference and appreciated the efforts of MWL-South and the whole team of MWL-Woking who organised such a beautiful conference.

President MWL-UK, Sister Fatima Mash’hadi was the guest of the honour for this conference. Sisters from MWL-UK Executive: Community Work Coordinator-Sister Jabeen Naveed, Deputy General Secretary-Sister Madiha Zeeshan & President MWL-South: Sister Nusrat Mehmood also attended on special invitation. President MWL-Woking: Sister Musarrat Jabeen along with members of her team welcomed the guests.

The conference started with Qira’at of Holy verses of Holy Quran by young sister Isha. General Secretary MWL-South: Sister Rakhshanda Kanwal performed Hamd-e-BariTa’ala and took the responsibility of stage secretary. Sister Musarrat Jabeen-President MWL-Woking performed beautiful Tilawat of The Holy Quran, welcomed all the guests and briefly mentioned major activities of MWL including the importance of the conference. Sister Momina performed a very beautiful Manqabat.

Sister Tayyaba Naqvi spoke in English on the subject of Seerat of Sayyeda Zainab (R.A) and presented a poem commemorating the whole incident of Karbala. Sister Saima paid tribute to Sayyeda Zainab (R.A) in her Urdu speech. Dr Batool described the importance of Sayyeda Zainab (R.A)’s role in whole incident of Karbala, before and after. Sister Madiha Zeeshan Deputy General Secretary MWL-UK presented Manqabat in her beautiful voice. President MWL-South: Sister Nusrat Mehmood presented a talk on Hazoor Shaykh-Ul-Islam’s intellectual work on Seerat & Shaane Ahl-e-Bait and introduced a few books. President MWL-UK: Sister Fatima Mash’hadi conveyed her message to ladies & young sisters to follow the Great Seerat of Sayyeda Zainab (R.A) in their day to day lives. Also, the main characteristic of MWL as being the followers of Sayyeda Zainab (R.A).

Sister Bushra & Sister Hina looked after the books’ stall. Sister Nooran did special prayers at the end of the conference. Food packs were served to all the guests.

We have received very positive feedback from the guests and audience, both. Especially, the message conveyed by President MWL-UK influenced many in the audience and guest speakers. We gathered many new members for MQI.

Team members of MWL-Woking thanked MWL-UK Executives who attended and supported the event. They are committed to carry and convey the true message of Islam & Hazoor Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri. They feel more energetic and motivated for upcoming programs regarding Rabi-ul-AWWAL and determined to improve their working. For all this success, credit goes to the sincere leadership of MWL-UK.

Reported by: Rakhshanda Kanwal-Secretary General MWL-South.
Edited by MWL UK Media Team.