MWL North Zone hold Tajweed Mubaligath Course


With the Grace of Almighty Allah the Minhaj Women League (MWL) North Zone Team organised a successful Tajweed Mubaligath Course for the North Zone's MWLs. Thirty nine Sisters from ten North Zone MWLs attended. The first class was held at the Minhaj Ul Quran Masjid in Nelson.  MWL Nelson served a light breakfast for all the Sisters.

Sister Ehram Fatima MWL North Zone Deputy Secretary carried out the registration of all the Sisters. The Sisters then offered Dhuhr Salah.

The class was taught by Respected Scholar Muhammad Zeeshan Qadri (MQI London).The class commenced with a motivational talk on the importance of gaining Islamic knowledge and the rewards associated with this act.  He spoke about what 'Tajweed' is and asked the Sisters for their thoughts around this. He highlighted the three main parts of 'tajweed':- the Letters 'huroof', the punctuation marks 'alaamaat' and the rules of recitation 'qawaa'id'.  He also spoke briefly about the types of mistakes made when reciting the Qur'an without correct pronunciation and Tajweed.  Some errors made with regards to the recognition or pronunciation of the Arabic letters and punctuation marks are major mistakes and are thus forbidden 'haraam'.  Errors made with regards to the rules of recitation are minor and are thus disliked by Allah SWT 'makruh'.  This reinforced the Sisters desire to improve their Arabic recitation.

The learning objective was to begin to refine the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet. Respected Scholar Muhammad Zeeshan modelled the correct pronunciation of all the letters with tips on how each letter is pronounced. The Sisters practised in congregation, to allow a group assessment to be carried out.

Handouts were distributed to all the Sisters, these separated the letters in to four categories:-letters pronounced with a full mouth and an empty mouth, soft and hard letters. All the Sisters then practised the pronunciation of these letters, after they had been modelled.  A group activity was set, the Sisters used the last six Passages from the Irfan Ul Qur'an to identify and correctly recite the 'letters' in each word. Scholar Muhammad Zeeshan highlighted the importance of observation of others during recitation of the Irfan Ul Qur’an. To develop this skill he recited the letters from the Passage Lahab and mispronounced some, to allow the Sisters to recognise the mistakes and reinforce their learning. Homework was set to embed the learning from the class, before ending his session.

Asr Salah was offered by all the Sisters.  Sister Ghulam Fatima MWL Nelson President continued the class by leading the practice of the Arabic alphabet by modelling the correct recitation, she also further explained how the letters are correctly formed and pronounced.

The Sisters provided feedback to Sister Nasreen Akhter MWL North Zone President, voicing that the lesson's learning objectives had been met and Scholar Muhammad Zeeshan had been effective in his teaching to better the Sisters Arabic recitation.

MWL Nelson were very hospitable and served lunch to all the Sisters.

Reported by Sister Ehram Fatima MWL North Zone Deputy Secretary