MWL North fundraising for the Refugee Crisis


On the 9th of September, 2015 Minhaj Women League North joined Minhaj Welfare Foundation's campaign to fundraise for the current refugee crisis in Europe.  Sister Shahida Ul Haq (MWL North Zone Welfare Secretary) ran an emotional appeal through the platform of social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp.  In order to raise awareness of the current crisis and desperate situation of our fellow brothers and sisters.  The WhatsApp campaign proved very successful with the younger generation.  The youth of Sheffield have proved to be highly generous and volunteered their time and efforts to support this cause.

Sister Shahida also ran a radio campaign on Iman FM Community Radio, Sheffield.  She highlighted how the crisis had arisen that has led to millions of people being displaced to makeshift camps due to the ongoing civil war in Syria.

During the appeal Sister Shahida reached out to the community for monetary donations and everyday essentials such as non-perishable food items, winter clothing and sleeping bags.  Sister Shahida felt that she had touched and had made a real connection with her listeners as there was a great number of funds and items raised from this appeal.  She received calls from all postcodes within Sheffield.  The listeners generously donated money to the value of £2200, which has allowed MWF to buy everyday essentials for the refugees.  A significant amount of new items were also donated over a few days at specified drop off points in Sheffield.

Sister Shahida and several Minhaj Women Leagues from the North packed the items ready for effective distribution to the refugees.  These packages were then loaded in vans with the help of many volunteers to transport them to Calais.  On 16th September Sister Shahida travelled with the convoy to personally deliver the donated items, which were gladly receive.  She felt very humble when in the presence of the refugees, it was a very rewarding task albeit very sad to see their suffering.  May Allah SubhawataAllah ease their suffering and provide shelter for our Brothers and Sisters.  Ameen.

Written by Ehram Fatima MWL North Zone Media Secretary