MWL hold Irfan-ul-Quran Course in Southall UK


On the 7th May 2015, Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League South UK held a One-Day Irfan-ul-Quran Course in Southall. Sister Humeira Shakeel MWL Dawah Secretary South Zone, Dr Amirah Raza MWL Secretary General West London and Sister Razi organized this course. A total of 50 Ladies attended.

The main aims of the course were to develop the comprehension of The Holy Quran and to develop the ability of reciting The Holy Quran with the correct pronunciation.

The course started with the beautiful recitation of The Holy Quran by Hafiza Memoona Bukhari, followed by a welcome note by Sister Humeira Shakeel who congratulated all the participants for coming in order to gain knowledge on Islamic teachings.

A questionnaire was given to all the attendees to assess the level of their knowledge on Tajweed and meanings of “Vahee” also called revelation and The Holy Quran. It was an interesting and surprise exercise for the attendees. It was followed by the distribution of the Irfan-ul-Quran Course booklet.

The course started at 10.40am and was divided into 3 sessions.

Session 1: Tajweed and its meaning

In this module, Hafizah Memoona Bukhari taught all the Huroof-e-Tahajji also called Huroof-e-Hijjawith the correct pronunciation. She gave the literal and idiomatic definition of Tajweed:

• Literal definition: making something beautiful

• Idiomatic definition: reading each letter with the correct pronunciation according to the rules.

Practice of full mouth letters and soft letters was also done.

The module was highly appreciated by the participants. Students understood why it is important to read The Holy Quran with the correct pronunciation as a wrong pronunciation will change the meaning of the word.

At the end of the session tea was served to all attendees.


Session 2: Al Quran

In this session, President Minhaj Women League UK, Ustadha Fatima Mash’hadi introduced The Holy Quran. Holy Quran is the most widely read book in the history of mankind. It is a source of immense inspiration and guidance for Muslims all over the world.

She mentioned that Allah (SWT) gave the introduction of the Holy Quran in Sura Ash-Shu'ara verse 192-195:

“And indeed, this Qur’an book has been revealed by the Lord of all the worlds, The trusted spirit (Gabriel) has descended with it, Upon your (most illuminated) heart so that you may be a warner (to the disobedient), (it is sent down) in the plain Arabic language”.

She listed the 5 famous names of The Holy Quran in the light of different verses from The Quran:

1.Al Qur’an (Sura al-Waqi’ah :77)

2.Al Furqan (Sura al-Furqan :1)

3.Al Kitab (Sura al-Baqarah :2)

4.Az Zikr (Sura al-Hijr :9)

5.An Noor (Sura an-Nisa :174)


Afterward, she talked about the revelation of The Holy Quran called also “vahee”. “Vahee” can also be interpreted as a “quick or divine indication”. In Islamic terminology, it can be defined as Allah (SWT)’s divine message conveyed to His (SWT) chosen persons.

After giving the literal and idiomatic meaning of “vahee”, she described the different forms of revelation. The Holy Quran was revealed to The Prophet (PBUH) in different ways:

•Revelation in the form of dreams

•Revelation disclosed upon the sound of a bell

•Revelation brought by an Angel in the form of a man

•Revelation brought by Gabriel in his real form

•Revelation revealed directly into the heart

•Revelation from Allah (SWT) through a veil

•Revelation direct from Allah (SWT)

Session 3: Tafseer of Sura Fatiha

In the last session, Ustadha Fatima Mash’hadi explained the meaning of Tafseer. Literally, it means revealing something. She mentioned that the definition of Tafseer is in The Holy Quran:

“And these (disbelievers) do not bring you any (such) instance (as an objection or inquiry), but we provide you with the truth (to reply it) and an explanation better (than that)”. (Al Furqan: 33-25)

After this, she highlighted the importance of Sura Fatiha and explained its meanings in details. She quoted a Hadith where Hazrat Udadah Bin Sabit reported that Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “The one who did not read Fatiha al-Kitab, has not perfected his Prayer”. (Tirmadhi)

The last session concluded with a beautiful and tearful Dua by Sister Nusrat Mehmood, President Minhaj Women League South Zone.

Feedback forms were distributed to all the participants and students were awarded with certificates. A very positive feedback was received. Ladies were extremely happy and satisfied with the course which they found very informative. They requested to the organisers to arrange another course in the coming months.

Lunch was served to all attendees

Reported by: Madiha Zeeshan (Secretary General MWL South Zone)