Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League North Zone UK Tanzeemi Visit


Visits to North Zone Tanzeemats by Sister Nasreen Akhtar (President MWL North Zone UK) Sister Jamila Akhtar ( Dawah Secretary MWL North Zone UK) and Sister Shaila Parveen (General Secretary MWL North Zone UK) were taken place on Tuesday 28th April 2015 at 10am with MWL Rochdale Tanzeemat and Tuesday 28th April 2015 at 5pm with MWL Huddersfield Tanzeemat.

The aim of the visits was to explain the annual working plan and discuss all roles and responsibilities with Tanzeemi members both in English and Urdu.

There was also some changes made to tanzeem roles. Any questions were answered regarding MWL work.

The Minhaj-ul-Amal which is a spiritual guidance from Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri was discussed and explained and each individual role of tanzeem members was explained.

In Rochdale new members joined in the MWL team and each tanzeem member was motivated and encouraged to continue their hard work.

Welfare activities were discussed and a working plan was set up.

The North Irfan-ul-Qur’an workshop taking place on 24th May in Rochdale was discussed and all were encouraged to attend.

In Huddersfield the MWL tanzeem was given motivation and the new working structure of MWL North Zone UK was explained.

All members had a chance to ask questions in regards to their MWL roles and responsabilities.

The visits were a great success and all MWL members gave positive feedback.

Reported by Shaila Parveen
North Zone UK MWL General Secretary