MYL UK Sisters Executive tour continues with High Wycombe


In the fifth week of the MYLUK-S Executive tour the team headed down to the South of England. On the Easter Monday they were in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, but the weather was more like that of the North of England, dark and wet. However it was rain much needed in the South though, due to the current drought.

Local coordinator Siarah Ahmad along with her team made the necessary arrangements at Jamia Rehmania Educational and Cultural Trust, High Wycombe.

Present on the MYL-S Executive panel there were Ambreen Mehmood (President), Sweba Majid Khan (Vice President), Jabeen Ali Tahiri (General Secretary), Fathema Khan (Finance), and Marinah Syed Shah (Public Relations).

Present also in the audience was the respected Mrs Khadija Atkinson from London who is on the senior advisory committee of MYL UK.

The event was broadcast live over the Jamia Rehmania mosque radio to the people of High Wycombe.

The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Sister Amina which was followed by a Nasheed from a young sister, Madihah Ahmed.

Jabeen Ali Tahiri gave an introduction to Muslim Youth League UK and using hierarchical diagrams explained where MYLUK fits into the bigger picture in relation to its parent organisation Minhaj ul Quran International. She also highlighted the fact that MYLUK is not under any of the other arms of MQI though they do sometimes work closely together on some initiatives.

President Ambreen Mehmood, whilst trying to balance motherhood with her presentation outlined the work carried out by MYLUK – S since its restructuring in 2008. One of the projects mentioned was the literature project which included the book: Imam Bukhari and the Love of the Prophet SAW. She mentioned that although everyone quotes Sahih Bukhari, few actually know or understand the personality of Imam Bukhari himself. And that was the aim of this book, to get Imam Bukhari's personality across to the youth in simple English.

Marinah Syed Shah, Public Relations executive informed the audience of the growth of the social media and online presence. In just the last three months the Facebook page saw a greater increase of users than was seen over the whole of last year. Similarly the Twitter account became active and saw a huge increase in followers as well.

She also stressed the importance to everyone of sharing their achievements and updates. She drew an analogy with Martin Luther King Jr. If he had said, 'I have a dream...But I'm not telling you' he would not have got where he did. In the same way if an organisation states its good, it must state why.

Marinah’s session was followed by the interactive session where the audience got a chance to say what they wanted MYL UK-S to do. They were split in to three groups led by an executive and got the opportunity to brainstorm about what they think MYLUK-S should undertake as projects whether on a national or a local level. The participants enthusiastically shared their ideas which were all noted down by the executives with the promise to review the feasibility of each idea and to insha’Allah implement any viable ideas in the near future.

The interactive session was followed by a presentation from Fathema Khan, Finance Executive. She highlighted the importance of money and how it’s the oxygen for any organisation, as without it an organisation would not be able to survive. She highlighted the importance of supporting MYLUK-S with the work it does, by just donating as little as £1 pound per month.

Sweba Majid Khan, Vice President then delivered her speech on the importance of Dawah and working collectively. She emphasised that by working collectively better results are achieved than through working individually. She used a beautiful example of the Abstracts leaflets, explaining to the audience that one leaflet has to go through at least ten different stages before it is ready for distribution. If one person had to carry out all the tasks alone, they would overburden themselves and not be able to produce as many leaflets but because the tasks are divided amongst ten people, we are able to produce better and more leaflets for mass distribution.

Sister Rukiyah then concluded the session with a beautiful supplication in Arabic.

We would like to thank Mrs Khadija Atkinson for the interest she has shown in MYLUK – S and her kind words of encouragement.

The MYLUK – Sisters would also like to thank Siarah and her team for their efforts and the success of the tour in High Wycombe and not to mention for tweeting and retweeting our tweets on their own Twitter accounts as well.

If you would like to support the projects of MYL UK Sisters, please set up a standing order of just £1 to the following account:

Account name: MYL-S

Account number: 84536282

Sort code: 40-11-18

Reported by: Jabeen Ali Tahiri - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Edited by: Marinah Syed Shah - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.