MYL UK – Sisters “Annual General Review 2014” in Bradford


On 22nd December 2014, MYL UK – Sisters in Bradford conducted an Annual General Review of the year 2014. The purpose of holding this crucial meeting was to review our performance for the respective year, the progress we're making, the plans and vision for the future, and ultimately, finalise the core aims/objectives MYLUK – S would focus on and work according to in the upcoming year.

The local area executive, Misbah Wahid conducted the proceedings of the meeting and welcomed the participants for attending. Misbah conducted a PowerPoint presentation on the different activities MYLUK – S carried out throughout the year, she elucidated on critical landmarks for the team as well as shedding light on the areas that had improved.

Misbah explained that 2014 had been a strong year for MYLUK – Sisters in Bradford and that with team spirit, dedication & unity, the team could achieve many more milestones ahead.

Furthermore, Misbah explained how the team had successfully engaged in Dawah, inter-faith dialogue, educational & community initiatives throughout the year by hosting various initiatives, some of which are “Celebrating the Beloved 2014”, “Quaid Day Exhibition” as well as the ongoing food-bank project of MYLUK – S which had continued throughout the year.

This was followed by an open discussion in which team members gave feedback as well as suggestions to take into account for the following year. The team proposed and reviewed projects they wanted to execute in the coming year as well as celebrating the success of MYL UK – S thus far. Soon after the discussion, a set of initiatives for the upcoming year were finalised including a brief action plan and aims/objectives MYLUK – S would be focusing on in the upcoming year.

The meeting concluded with a final dua for the success and sustainable future of MYLUK – Sisters in Bradford.

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Report by: Misbah Wahid