Muhammad ﷺ the Merciful


On Saturday 24th January 2015 Minhaj-ul-Qur'an Womens & Muslim Youth League UK Sisters organised a Mawlid entitled 'Muhammad ﷺ the Merciful'. The hall was full of guests, not an empty seat in sight Subhan'Allah! It was a bilingual Mawlid, the first half was in English for the youth and the second half in Urdu for the elder generation.

Sister Ruksana Parveen and Sister Raheela Barkat both welcomed the joyful guests to the greatest spiritual gathering you can be in and invited on stage sister Tehreem Zahra from Walsall for Qur'an Recitation along with translation. It was a very beautiful recitation and everyone listened attentively, after that we invited 'Minhaj-al-Barakah' on stage for a medley of nasheeds in Urdu and Punjabi style. This was their first debut performance as a group and were given a warm welcome.

One of our youngest members of the youth league, Sister Amina Ishtiaq, at the tender age of 13 gave an excellent talk of how the Holy Prophet ﷺ is the best role model for all of our lives. Her confidence and delivery of her message was mesmerising and a very proud moment for Muslim Youth League UK Sisters. Sister Aarifah Ali then graced the stage with an inspirational poem written by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf titled 'Spring's Gift'.

Our guests were a nasheed group called 'Voice of the Hearts', they were formed 5 years ago under the guidance of Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi of Sacred Knowledge to revive the tradition of reciting poems of praise in the Arabic language. Their performance enhanced the spiritual atmosphere that was already present and brought about a tranquil mood amongst the listeners.

Sister Henna Nawaz really spoke out to the crowd of youth to inspire them to come and join Muslim Youth League Sisters UK, really highlighting the fact that working for the deen (religion) is a great honour and not only benefits you but all the people around you, whether its your family, friends, neighbours or community as a whole. She did an excellent job of motivating, Alhumdolillah after her speech we had a lot of youth visiting the stall to join our organisation.

The final speech in English from the Muslim Youth League Birmingham UK was from Fardos Shahid, she gave an excellent speech on how we can still have a personal, spiritual relationship with the Holy Prophet ﷺ in this day and age. It was a very moving talk and stirred strong feelings of love for our holy Prophet ﷺ and really fulfilled the purpose of us doing the Mawlid, which is to get re-connected with Allah and His Beloved Messenger ﷺ

Minhaj naat council from Derby came on the stage next and recited beautiful nasheeds. Sister Rosina Nawaz was called to inform the attendees about the Minhaj Dawah Project.

To conclude the eventful day Baji Ruksana Parveen finally invited our guest speaker, our beloved Ustazah Fatima Mash'hadi who is our President of Minhaj womens league UK. Ustazah Fatima Mash'hadi gave a beautiful talk in Urdu about spiritual status of the Holy Prophet ﷺ we completed the evening with salaat o salaam and dua. The Mawlid cake was cut by MWL and MYL jointly on stage. Food was served to all attendees.

Alhumdolillah it was a great success!

Report by: Firdos Shahid