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According to the Humanitarian charter, as humanitarian agencies all people affected by disaster or conflict have a right to receive protection and assistance to ensure the basic conditions of life with dignity (The Sphere Project).

In Gaza, the Humanitarian massacre which has afflicted innocent lives for more than two decades and left millions without adequate food and water as left many aid agencies in a difficult situation.

Palestine is considered to be one of the most over populated regions in the world, it has been quoted by world leaders as “some sort of open-air prison”. Almost 1.7 million Palestinians are squeezed into just 140 square miles, this figures is set to increase by the year 2020 to 3 million (according to reports by UNCT); Gaza is considered to be one of the most crowded places on earth.

Is there really a humanitarian need in Palestine?

Almost 39% of the people live below the poverty line.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) concluded in a report at the end of May 2012 that, “Chronic malnutrition is not improving and may be deteriorating, at least ten percent of children under five in the Gaza Strip have had their growth stunted due to prolonged exposure to malnutrition.”

With the crisis intensifying, more than 70 people have been killed in the conflict so far and almost 900 people are reported to be injured (these are the latest reports as of 19th Nov 2012). Homes have been destroyed; leaving many homeless and temporarily living in hospitals and schools.

Responding to where the need is great

Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) is ‘responding to where the need is great’ and is appealing from its donors to donate generously towards the Emergency Gaza Appeal. The donations will help provide immediate relief to assist and provide medical supplies (Inc medicine) and other basic essentials to those that have been left victim to this disaster.

For donations call the Minhaj Welfare donations team now on 0300 30 30 777 or +44 203 3754730 (if outside the UK) or simply donate online on www.minhajwelfare.org.

Report by: Adnan Sohail