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“AGHOSH” The future for Orphan children in Pakistan


Could you imagine life without a safe and secure roof over your head? Put yourself in the position of the millions of orphans around the world and you will appreciate the work of Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF).

Orphans are no different to any other child; we here at MWF believe the Orphans should have the best start in life to help them become ambassadors of their country. We hope to setup a network of Orphan Care Homes in marginalised areas and also increase capacity at existing ones.

MWF initiated “AGHOSH”, a pilot project for 50 orphaned children that were affected by the Earthquake in 2005. Within our Orphan care home, we provide financial aid, a family orientated environment, excellent education, medical checkups, clothing and toys. However there are other factors that can deeply influence the life of an Orphan, like love and care. That’s why Minhaj Welfare Foundation goes to much length by giving that extra bit of guidance to all the children in our care ensuring that no child is deprived of the love that would be given to them by their parents.

We teach the children basic skills such as arts, craft, physical education, spiritual and correct moral behaviour because we believe these are all basic components that a child requires to benefit him in adult life. The children will have access to school, college and University and we will train them to become professionals in their own rights so they can take their place as rightful members of society. MWF can only reach these goals with the help of your generous donations.

In 2008, MWF identified an ideal local location as the site for a new purpose built Orphan Care Home with integral school. Almost 3 years on “AGHOSH” is almost ready to house more than 500 Orphans who lost their parents from the Pakistan Floods in 2010. MWF will ensure that they are well clothed and educated to the highest standard so they can learn how to benefit society. Our fully trained staff and volunteers will provide absolute love and care for these children in a family orientated environment ensuring the children enjoy life to the full.

Please help provide a prosperous future for those children Orphaned due to disasters. Call our donation line on +44 (0) 300 30 30 777 today and donate whatever you can towards this unique project.

Article by: Adnan Sohail, Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF)