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British Asian youth told to reject extremist ideology at Jihad moot

Media Coverage
LONDON, June 21 (APP)- The British Asian youth have been urged to denounce twisted ideologies and gain proper Islamic knowledge on the true concept of Jihad. At a conference on Jihad, organised by Muslim Youth League, a youth forum of Minhaj-ul-Quran International UK in the north west city of Bradford last evening, the participants demolished extremist ideology and said it was not presenting a fair name of Islam.
The keynote speaker Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri gave a comprehensive talk on the concept of Jihad and urged the youth who may be brainwashed by extremists groups to reject extremist ideas.
Hassan said ‘Those who misuse the concept of Jihad to fulfil their own hidden agendas take Quranic verses out of context or misapply them, are in actual fact the worst enemies of Islam and Muslims.’
He quoted 31 verses of the Quran which mentioned Jihad and said that “its mention was in non-violent forms such as struggling by means of knowledge, spirituality, charity and character reformation. Only 4 verses that refer to Jihad with reference to taking up arms were only permitting taking up arms in self-defence.”
He further added that “Only a state can declare this form of Jihad which involves taking up arms to defend the state or oppressed people.
Individuals, organisations or groups have no authority to declare this form of Jihad.”
According to Shahid Mursaleen, spokesman Minhaj-ul-Quran UK, the conference clarified the concept of jihad which he said has been hijacked by the extremists and went a long way in clearing the minds of the Asian youth and help them to understand the true meaning of Jihad.