Youngsters Find Awaking in Spiritual Retreat


A 2-day getaway attracts youth from all parts of Glasgow and its surrounding areas to attend a ‘Spiritual Retreat’, a camp organised by Muslim Youth League Glasgow. The retreat took place later last month from the 29th October 2016 till 30th October 2016, at Minhaj ul Quran’s Rutherglen branch.

With the British Muslim community growing in Glasgow, the aim of the spiritual retreats is to revive the love and respect of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), knowledge of Islam and spirituality. Through various group activities, seminars and workshops, the 2-day retreat was designed to revive the teachings of Islam amongst Muslim youth.

The retreat began with some refreshments on the arrival of participants and a welcome address by Brother Sufiyan Khalid, a student at the Rutherglen mosque and an active youth worker. Muslim Youth League had prepared several activities in the form Quran recitation from Brother Yakoob Hayat, along with durood shareef recitation by brother Madni in the court of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). The event was followed by other lectures, question and answer sessions mehfil-e-naat, mehfil-e-zikr, ghusha-e-durood, youth interactions and many other activities.

Shortly afterwards a short talk on peace and unity by Shaykh Rehan Ahmad Raza Al-Azhari, a Glasgow-born scholar who has studied Islamic sciences in Egypt, Syria and Pakistan delivered a talk on peace and unity. One of the main points which the Shaykh mentioned was that;

“The Beloved Prophet (Peace be upon Him) came with peace, love, compassion, mercy, so why are we fighting?”

The Shaykh also concluded his speech by saying that;

“If all Muslims acted upon the true Sunnah and teachings of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him), then no one would lift even a finger to Islam and the Beloved Prophet (Peace be upon Him).”

After the lecture given by the Shaykh, he arranged time for a question and answer session with the youth so that they may ask any questions they had which concerned them or were facing problems with as a community.

The day ended with along with the scholars explaining the benefits of the gathering and training the youth of the etiquettes and manners of eating alone and eating together

Day 2

The following day, the youth had woken up early and stayed in the company of Dr Allama Rafiq Habib (Islamic Scholar) to perform Tahujood prayer followed by Halqa-Durood and then Fajr prayer. Dr Rafiq Habib explained the importance of nafl prayer such as Tahujood and the reward and importance of Durood Shareef.

After breakfast, there was a lecture given by Dr Allama Rafiq Habib on the topic of ‘Shaykh ul Islam and the Philosophy of Minhaj ul Qur’an. The Shaykh spoke in detail of the early life of Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri and his company with his father and many great saints and scholars of that time especially with his Shaykh – Pir Tahir Ala-uddin al-Qadri al-Jilani (May Allah Be Pleased with Him). The Shaykh explained and listed the outstanding and magnificent works and accomplishments of Shaykh ul Islam and how he has dedicated his life to struggle for the cause of the Beloved Prophet (Peace be upon Him).

The Shaykh also mentioned a very interesting point that;

“A Prophet was sent as a guidance to mankind and raised within a specific era and for need of that time. In the same way, within the Muslim Ummah there are people who are raised by Allah (Swt) to revive the Din (Islam) and for a specific era of time – in this case for terrorism”

Shaykh ul Islam is the only person who has written a fatwa on terrorism and suicide bombing as well as introducing a curriculum to help tackle this issue with more than 20 books just for the guidance of the Ummah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and mankind. This was a very informative and life-changing lecture of a certain part of Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri’s life and it encouraged the youth to appreciate the mission and struggle which they are taking part in and a role model to look up to.

After the lecture, Brother Sufiyan arranged an ice-breaker session and group activity was held. As part of the ice-breaker, each person had an informal discussion and talk with each other. The ice-breaker session created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the youth spoke confidently.

A final lecture was given by Allama Shahid Babar (Islamic Scholar) whom gave a talk on ‘Spirituality & Purification’. This dealt with the purification of not only the outer body but the inner body as well and the Shaykh discussed how we should continue to be in a state of purification as it allows us to be in the company of Allah (Swt) more frequently.

The Shaykh said in regards to the importance of purification;

“Prayer is the best form to be in the company of Allah (Swt) and to attain that company is through purification”

The Shaykh also explained that we should try and adopt all good qualities and refrain from all sins as indulging in sins will never purify our inner self. The Shaykh encouraged that everyone can set a goal for the end of each month to try and keep themselves pure and if they implemented that change within their owns life’s they would see a change within their life’s in a much more positive way.

A survey completed by everyone attending indicated that without a doubt that the Spiritual Retreat was a success.

Report by: Sufyan Khalid
Edited by: Shahid Khan