Muslim Leaders Show Unity


SNP spokesperson on Trade & investment Tasmina Shaykh attended an historic interfaith event to promote intra-faith cohesion.

Leading members from the Ahl Al-Bait Society Scotland and Muslim Youth League UK held a joint conference at the well-known function hall at Kabana Restaurant in Glasgow.

It was hosted by Sister Sweba Majid Khan, President MYL UK-Sisters and Ahmed Khweir from the Ahl-ul-Bait Society of Scotland. Before the speakers began, there was passages of the Holy Quran was read by Dr Muhsin Nukhba urging unity and action.

Abu Jaffar Azzam Muhammad, director of Ahl-ul-Bait Society Scotland then welcomed everyone and opened the event by saying: “we will not be divided.” The event was attended by around 320 people, which including prominent speakers from various organisations. He emphasised that this was a chance for every one of all faiths to unite.

Speakers at the event hoped the intra-faith event in Glasgow sent a powerful message across Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world that intra-faith relations in Britain are strong and that various sects of Muslims are united in the fight against ISIS or any other form of terrorism across the world.

Many in the audience expressed their support to the different speakers and showed their approval by what was being said by clapping, chants and slogans punctuated in between speeches.

Guest Speaker, Tasmina Shaykh spoke on the challenges facing the Muslim community by saying:

“The Prime Minister David Cameron finally agreed that ISIS or ISIL should be referred to as Daesh. We must remove from them any credibility that comes with the use of Islam, to tarnish the name of our beautiful religion.”

She further went on to say that: “We are, every single one of us here our own best ambassadors. There is no better way to spread peace than to go and visit other communities, other countries and let them know what we are about.”

Shaykh Saeed Subhani who is the Imam of Al-Huda Foundation, like Tasmina, used his speech to acknowledge how Muslims can practically live according to the Islamic teachings in the modern world. He summarised this by stating: “the prophet of Islam on many occasions ordered Muslims to have good relations and good behaviour to non-Muslims.” Shaykh Sohail Siddique on behalf of MQI UK followed this by delivering a very articulated talk on the merciful nature of Holy Prophet (Peace & blessing be upon him).

Roshni Hosseinzadah who is a revert to Islam for many years now was also present on stage saying: “We will never change inclusion in this community until we start to embrace and become the change that we desire to see in this community.”

Prior to dinner being served, young scholar Shaykh Rehan Raza from Muslim Youth League UK gave his concluding remarks by saying: “We call for promotion of human rights, fundamental freedoms, freedom of speech, equality between men and women and the cardinal values of humanity, such as reconciliation, forgiveness, generosity and solidarity.”

By Shahid Ashraf Khan