Muharram Mehfils by MWL Tinsley, Sheffield


The 12 day programmes that commenced on the first of Ashura Muharram were held at various sisters houses:- Sister Shaheen Akhtar, Sister Haleema Bibi,Sister Zohra Bi, Sister Imtiaz, Sister Farzana Mahmood, Sister Fareen Hussain, Sister Parveen and also at the Islam Centre, Tinsley. The Minhaj Youth league had one programme at the Islam Centre on the ninth of Muharram.

The Mehfils consisted of Sister Nasreen Akhtar (MWL Dawah Secretary) beginning by recitation of The Glorious Quran.  This was then followed by Durood Sharif which was recited for around 30-40 minutes by all the attendees. The amount of Durood Sharif recited has been recorded and passed onto national level by the MWL Dawah Secretary.

Thereafter Sister Nasreen Akhtar (MWL Dawah Secretary) and Sister Abida Parveen (MWL Tinsley Welfare Secretary) commemorated the Martyrs for Islam, justice and the whole of mankind- Iman Hussain Alaihisalaam and other exalted members of the Ahle Bait, Peace and Blessings Upon Them.

The Sisters spoke about the heart rending events of Karbala and shared extracts from Shaykh-ul-Islam's Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri's outstanding literature "Safeer -e-Karbala".  Sister Khalda Khan (MWL Tinsley President) went on to explain the recitals in further details, the message was very heart felt and highlighted the act of patience and sacrifice.  May Allah SWT allow us to implement patience in our everyday actions.

The Mehfils concluded by various Naats in honour of our Noble Prophet Peace and Blessings Upon Him.  To mark this occasion Manqabats were emotionaly recited in honour of the Beloved Ahle Bait (Family), these were recited by local community members and also told the tragic story of Karbala.  After every Karbala Islam is resurrected due to the sacrifices of Imam Hussain Alaihisalaam.

Sister Aeysha Mirza (MWL Tinsley General Secretary) led the Dhikr before the Salaam and Dua.

The local community participated in these Mehfils giving their time and efforts to make these Blessed gatherings a success.

Reported by: Aayesha Khan MWL Tinsley Media Secretary
Edited by Ehram Fatima MWL North Zone Media Secretary