MWL Tinsley celebrate Pakistan Independence Day


Sister Khalda Khan (President MWL Tinsley) organised a small event for Pakistan Independence Day.

The event began with the recitation of Dr Allama Iqbal's Dua "Lab Pe Athi Hain" this was followed by Sister Khalida speaking about Pakistan and its rich history. Within the talk Sister Aeysha Mirza (General Sec MWL Tinsley.) and Sister Sajida Begum (Finance Sec MWL Tinsley) asked the audience questions and the children took part in a quiz on Pakistan.

The National Anthem of Pakistan and various other songs in the name of Pakistan were sung by all Sisters and children. These were led by the youth sisters. A beautiful atmosphere was created.

Aeysha Mirza went on to lead the Zikr before concluding with Salaam and Dua.

All participants thoroughly enjoyed the Mehfil held by MWL Tinsley and the turnout was great including many children and youth sisters, overall there were 130 attendees.

Reported by Ayesha Khan Tinsley Media Secretary MWL
Edited by Ehram Fatima North Zone Media Secretary MWL