MWL Tinsley organises lauch of Quranic Encyclopedia


MWL Tinsley organised a special book launch ceremony for Shaykh ul Islam's Quranic Encyclopedia which was officially launched late 2018.

Sister Khalda Khan (President MWL Tinsley) began the ceremony with a short message about MWL Tinsley successfully completing 5 years of commitment to Minhaj ul Quran and foremost the community.
Sister Nasreen Akhtar (Dawah Secretary) went on to recite Tilawat taken from Surah Kauser.
Sister Khalda Khan (President) went on to introduce the team to the community with thier roles and duties that they have had over the past 5 years.
She also gave a special mention to all other Minhaj members that have helped during these years on various events.
Sister Aeysha (General secretary) was asked to recite the Qasida Burdah Sharif followed by a short hadith read by Sister Abida (Welfare secretary).
We had beautifully sung naats by Sister Abida from Sheffield and Sister Khalda from Rotherham.
Sister Khalda Khan went on to give a short brief on the Quranic Encyclopedia followed by a short clip by Shaykh ul Islam explaining in his own words the benefits of the Quranic encyclopedia and all the various topics that have been covered in this eight-book collection.
Sister Khalda Khan then distributed handpicked bouquets to all the workers and gifted the Quranuc Encyclopedia to a select few.
As it was also Ghiyarveen Sharif we offered splendid food to all that attended and the ceremony was a thorough success
Reported by: Aayesha Khan (Media Secretary)