Minhaj Women League Oldham hold Mawlid programmes


The annual Minhaj Women League Oldham Eid Mawlid-Ul-Nabi Mehfil took place on Saturday the 19th of December 2015 at Gainsborough Hall Oldham. The programme began at 12pm with the recitation of The Holy Quran chapter 30 Surat Doha by Sister Samiya Qadri. Then Hamd Bari Tala read by Sister Basmah Qadri. The stage secretary was Sister Sobia Shezad (MWL Oldham General Secretary) who invited the following sisters to recite the Naats and Nasheeds Sister Kosar, Sister Sakina, Sister Rozina, Sister Alisha, Sister Zareena, Sister Samina, Sister Hameeda, Sister Sania, Sister Rabia and Sister Farzana Qadri. These Sisters all recited beautiful Naats in the Praise of our Beloved ﷺ.

The special guest speaker was Sister Nasreen Akhtar (MWL North Zone President) from Nelson. The children taught Naats by Sister Samiya Ali Qadri also recited their Naats on stage individually or as a group. The following children who read solo was Mohammad Subhaan and the group Naats were recited by Basmah, Aamara, Husna, Alizah and Laiba.

Sister Samiya Ali Qadri did a speech in English for the youth on the celebration of Eid Mawlid-ul-Nabi and why we celebrate the birthday of our Holy Prophet (SAW).

Clips of His Eminence Shaykh-ul-Islam's speech was played on "Salam or Milaad ka Baheemi Ta'alluq","Durood -o-Salam ki barkat" and "Aqeeda Hatam-e-Nabuwwat".

There was a Question and Answer session held regarding the lecture which was shown, the ladies with the correct answers to the questions were given prizes.

Afterwards there was a speech given by our special guest Sister Nasreen Akhtar on the Mawlid of The Holy Prophet (SAW). In the speech there was mentioned a few key points such as: The Holy Prophet (SAW) came into this world as a Mercy for mankind.

Also the Sister Nasreen invited everyone present to join Minhaj-ul-Quran and spoke about the aims and objectives of this peace promoting organisation.

At the end of the speech the Sister Nasreen said "Amal se zindagi banti hai, Jannat bi Jahannam bi, ye haaki apni fitrat mein na noori hai na naari hai".

The Halqa Durood and Wazaif recited by all the Sisters present at the Mawlid led by Sister Farzana.

Sister Samina Ali Qadri (MWL Oldham President) gave a personal thanks to everyone who attended this Mawlid event and for the funds collected to help purchase a building for MWL Oldham events.

The Salaam was read by all Sisters present. The Dua was made by Sister Farzana Qadri (MWL Oldham Dawah Secretary).

Refreshments were served at the end of the Mawlid event.

Reported by Tania shamim (MWL Oldham Media Secretary).
Edited by Ehram Fatima (MWL North Zone Deputy Secretary).