Hatame Nabuwat Conference


Minhaj ul Quran International Nelson was honoured to host an evening gathering by the title of Hatame Nabuwat Conference at Jamia Masjid Minhaj ul Quran on the Sunday 23rd February 2020. The gathering was led under the supervision was Alama Shams ur Rahman Assi & Alama Hafiz Muhammad Mudassar Aziz. Guest speaker in attendance was Alama Sajid ul Hashmi & Guest Naat khawan from Pakistan was renowned Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardy Shah. 

The evening commenced with recitation of the Quran and closely followed by Nasheeds before the keynote speech was delivered. Alama Sajid ul Hashmi spoke about the seal of Prophet hood emphasizing the importance of such a subject within the current climate in light of the Quran & Sunnah, which captured the attention of the audience. Followed by Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardy Shah who recited a number of traditional nasheeds, which brought many memories back of traditional nasheed reciters from Pakistan and the Asia touching the hearts of those in attendance. Contributing on stage were also Fayzaan Faisal, Kabir Hussain, Jamiat e Hasan, Qari Hafiz Syed Yousuf Shah and many more from the local surrounding area.

The evening concluded with Durood o Salaam and Dua for all with mention of the event sponsor who were a local family which supports Minhaj ul Quran International and its projects. Attendees were given the opportunity to meet the guests and join them for a collective banquet before departing.

Report by: Tasnaf Raza