Minhaj-ul-Quran Manchester hold a parents evening and Award Ceremony 2011


Minhaj-ul-Quran Manchester organised a parents evening for the Quran classes.

There were over 100 people attending the parents evening along with Ateeq Ullah Butt President MQI Manchester, M Zulfikar VP MQI Manchester, M Islam GS MQI Manchester, Haji M Saeed FS MQI Manchester, Fyaaz sb along with the rest of the executive and the teachers of MQI Manchester.

The parents evening started with a warm welcome to all the parents continued with the introduction of Minhaj-ul-Quran’s aims and objectives.

The parents evening started with the Tilawat-e-Qur’an by Daniel Mehmood (Students MQI Manchester) and Qaseedah Burdah Shareef by Shehzad Ashiq (Teacher MQI Manchester).

Fyaaz Sb told the children the importance of Knowledge fallowed by some rules and regulation of the classes. He also told the parents and the children how important it is to study your lessons at home as well.

Ateeq sb introduced the new Minhaj-ul-Quran Syllabus and that MQI Manchester will be implementing the syllabus after Ramadan InshaAllah.

Then it was time to announce the students of the Year 2011.

MQI Manchester chose 4 students this year that will get a Shield, Certificate and a Medal for their attendance, good behaviour and their lessons.

MQI Manchester also chose 4 students just for Medals.

The fallowing 4 students were selected for Shields, Certificate and Medals.


  • Haiqa Riaz
  • Hannah Khatijah Aslam
  • Ammar Bin Amer
  • Ibrahiem Bakare


After that all children recited Durood Shareef.

The program was ended by some refreshments for all students and parents.

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