MWL Manchester arrange The Life of Syeda Fatima (Salam Ullah Alleha) Conference


Today on the 24th of March MINHAJ WOMEN LEAGUE MANCHESTER organised a CONFERENCE ON THE LIFE OF SYEDA FATIMA SALA ULLAH ALLEHA... Our guest was from Pakistan was a very well learned lady, sister QURAT UL AIN MUDASSIR.

Our program started around 2:30 by the host, Arisha. Recitation of the Holy Quran by our President Shameem Akhtar. the first Naat was by a young participant sister, after her Sister Kaneez read a heart touching naat, after her sister Shahzada another really nice naat. by sister Zeenat read with such a feeling that all the audience were enjoying yet all were full of enthusiasm waiting for their turn to come up n take their turn.
sister Arisha brought Dahi Bhaly for ladies n was distributed among the ladies if anyone's sugar level drops they can have it as a fuel.

Then Our Guest Sister Qurat ul Ain came up on the stage and started and all the hall listened to her start till end. Her Speech was quite long but the way she presented it was heart touching... regarding Our Holy Prophet Mohammad peace be upon Him... Syeda Fatima and Ahle Bait and their sacrifices, their hardships and hurdles. She also recalled all the efforts of our Quaid and his efforts for our religion which now all of us should be making some efforts for our kids as ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THEN WORDS.

Then Salam by Sister Anisa and Dua by Aunty Bilquees.

By the end, Our President announced all the courses available at the mosque, timings and books by Sheikh ul Islam Dr Tahir ul Qadri.

Langer was given after Salam. Masha Allah it was sooooo much Baraka , Rice , chicken potato gravy and halwa as a sweet dish.