MWL Manchester hold Giyarween Shareef mehfil


Manchester Women League of Minhaj Ul Quran, organised a monthly spiritual gathering of Giyarween Shareef.

Giyarwee Shareef is specifically for the Esaale-Sawaab for Sayedena SHAYKH ABDUL QADIR GILLANI R.A

The Mahfil was organised under the supervision of Mrs Shamim Akhtar.

Before the start of Giyarween Shareef everyone was requested to recite Sura e Yaseen and Sura e Rehman.

After the recitation of Sura's the program started with the recitation of Sura e Fatiha with translation recited by Mrs. Shamim Akhtar herself.

Followed by Hamd e Bari Tala by Sister Arisha. After sister Arisha, a soulful Naat was recited by Sister Parween.

Girls & boys recited QASEEDA BURDA SHAREEF along with their Ustada Sister Nafeesa, who recited Qaseeda with kids in her sweet melodious voice.

Some of our league sisters were enthusiastic to say their Naat e Rasool e Maqbool, showing their love and praise for our PROPHET HAZRAT MOHAMMAD SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WA ALIHI WASALLAM.

Sister Shamim explained in her own kid n generous way of speech, the Values of this spiritual gathering to our audience and specially to the youth present at the gathering.

Then came Sister Tasneem, soul of the mehfil, and delivered her speech at this splendid occasion. During her speech, in relevance with this occasion, she elaborated in depths the significance of GIYARWEEN SHAREEF. 

At the very end Salam e Aakhir followed by Dua was conducted by Sister Tasneem.

Then niaz was distributed among everyone with the Niyat of Baraka.