The Significance of Karbala event held by MWL Cheetham Hill


“The Significance of Karbala” Halqa took place at Sister Nadia Ali’s (MWL Cheetham Hill Dawah Secretary) house, which was organised by Minhaj Women League Cheetham Hill.

The event started with the Quranic recitation and this was performed by Sister Saba Ahmed (MWL Cheetham Hill secretary).  The Sisters then read Darood Shareef individually.  Sister Saba Ahmed (MWL Cheetham Hill Media Sectary) delivered a saddening and moving speech on the Battle of Karbala and described what happened to our Beloved Hazrat Hussain Alaihisalaam and his Dear Family.  There were significant tragic and heart breakings events that took place on the 10th of Ashura. The lessons to learn from this event is that the Beloved Prophet Muhammad's Peace and Blessings Upon Hims family sacrificed themselves for Islam.

There was dishonour, cruelty and brutality that was unfortunately inflicted upon the Beloved Family Alaihisalaam, by the barbaric and unjust ruler Yazid.  He had no love, respect or humbleness towards the Beloved Family Alaihisalaam.  Instead he had utter hatred and was full of anger. He commanded the Martyrdom of Hazrat Hussain Alaihisalaam and His Dear Family Alaihisalaam. This day is for us to reflect on how the courageous Family Members Alaihisalaam of the Prophet Peace and Blessings Upon Him sacrificed their all for the sake of their Deen.

Several Ahadith were quoted throughout this Speech with respect to Iman Hussain Alaihisalaam.

Some of the Hadeeth mentioned are as follows:

The Beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings Upon Him said:

O Allah, I love Him so love Him.  (Sahih Muslim, Ch 5 P36).

He has also stated that, “Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain." And "These two are the Swords of Heaven", referring to Imam Hussain and Imam Hassan Alaihisalaam.

May Allah keep him as a friend who keeps Hussain as his friend. Hussain is a grandchild from among grandchildren.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhi, Hadith no. 3800, Vol. 5, Page 429].

After the speech, Naats were melodiously recited by Sister Ghosia Ali (MWL Cheetham Hill Welfare Secretary).  The Programme ended with Sister Kiran Farooq (MWL Cheetham Hill Tarbiyyah Secretary) and all sisters sending Salutations to the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings Upon Him.

Sister Sidra Ali (MWL Cheetham Hill General Secretary) made a Dua and then food was served to all the Sisters.

Reported by Saba Ahmed MWL Cheetham Hill Media Secretary
Edited by Ehram Fatima   MWL North Zone Media Secretary