Iftar Dinner Arranged by MWL & MQI Manchester


On the 4th of July in the Holy month of Ramadan MWL & MQI Manchester arranged an Iftar Dinner at MQI Manchester. The programme was conducted by Allama Haroon Abbasi Al Azhari.

The event was opened with beautiful recitation of The Holy Quran and this followed by a melodious naat recited by a local brother.

Afterward Brother Adnan (Project manager of Minhaj Welfare Foundation) delivered an engaging but brief talk in English on “The Obligations of a Muslim”.

He said, as a Muslim it is our duty to help the needy and orphan children.  He explained giving in the way of Almighty Allah is a means of purifying your wealth which Allah swt has provided for us.  By carrying out this deed you become closer to Almighty Allah. He concluded his talk by encouraging the audience to support the work of Minhaj Welfare Foundation to provide clean water in the drought stricken areas of Pakistan and also Aghosh Orphan Care.

In this successful event 11 orphan children and 6 hand pump were donated by the generous audience and MWL Manchester.  May Allah swt reward all donors Ameen.

All the sisters enjoyed an Iftar meal.  And they offered Maghrib Prayer in congregation and Allama Harron Abbasi concluded the program with a heartfelt Dua.

Written by Sister Asifa Uppal - MWL Manchester Media Secretary
Edited by - Ehram Fatima MWL North Zone Media Secretary