Muharram Special Gathering


On Saturday 8th November the MQI Halifax women league and MYL Halifax sisters organised a beautiful gathering for the women and young sisters of Halifax at the Minhaj Education Centre in Halifax.

The event consisted of Tilawat and beautiful naats and short speeches by the young girls who attend the Sunday Children’s Class. After which women recited naats. Followed by this a short talk was deliver about Sayyeda Zainab (RA) along with a Speech highlighting the events of Karbala and the lessons we can learn from this event.

It was a beautiful gathering which ended with a spiritually uplifting Dhikr, Salaat o Salaam and Dua. Tabaruk was served at the end and sweets were also given to all the children. The event was in English so the young girls and those women who understand English could benefit. The feedback from the participants was very positive.

Shaila Parveen (MWL Halifax)