Annual Milad un Nabi Conference Halifax by MWL Halifax


On 18th January 2014, 16th Rabi ul Awal an amazing Mehfil Milad Conference took place in Halifax. The programme was organized by Minhaj Women League and Youth Sisters of Halifax. The programme was attended by up to 550 Women sisters youth sisters and young girls.

The Programme was managed on stage by Sister Nahid MWL President and sister Iffat General Secretary. They quoted references from Shaykh ul Islam’s talks on Mawlid, and Hadith of the Prophet (SAW).

The programme began with Quran Tilawat Qaseeda Purda and Naats read by both women and youth sisters. This was followed by the audience listening to a CD by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri called ‘Milad un Nabi (SAW), Kyon?’. There was question and answer session lead by Sister Nasim Senior MWL UK member. The winners received CDs by Shaykh-ul-Islam.

Next Sister Khadijah Atkinson MWL UK Executive from London gave an English talk focused on the issues faced by the youth sisters, and the importance of the role of the mother in the upbringing of children. She also highlighted the need for using the social networking sites appropriately. The talk inspired all youth sisters and mothers.

The programme continued with Sister Zureena from Walsall doing an Urdu talk on the life of the prophet Muhammad (SAW), and the importance of celebrating Mawlid. She also put light onto the Prophets (SAW) Character and Manners, and encouraged all to follow this.  The Talk inspired and touched everyone’s hearts immensely.

Next part of the programme was led by Sister Jamila MWL UK Finance Secretary . She explained the Education City Project and its benefits for the future education and mashallah MWL Halifax managed to raise £750 at the programme, as well as an extra £250 after the programme.

Now Sister Rozina MWL UK Dawah secretary, explained the work on Minhaj Dawah Project and introduced the New books Cds by Shaykh-ul-Islam. All attendees listened attentively.

Next sister Shaila MWL Media secretary Halifax, shared the work of Minhaj Women League done in Halifax, and the activities happening regularly at the Minhaj centre in Halifax for Women Youth and young girls.

The Whole programme had intervals of Naats being recited.  Naat participants were Sister Safina vice president MWL Halifax , Sister Sajida MWL Halifax Dawah secretary, Sister Robina, Sister Rehana MWL Halifax Welfare Secretary, Sister Shaheen membership secretary, Sister Iffat general secretary and many more women participated. Along with a heart touching nasheed by Sister Marwah Shahid using a Daff.

The Minhaj Youth girls Halifax read a touching nasheed, and the young girls from Minhaj Sunday class run by Sister Shaila read a naat in a group.

The Programme attended by many guests as well as Sister Mussarat MWL UK General Secretary Walsall.

Up to 200 Minhaj Introduction packs were given to attendees, along with Youth sisters encouraging attendees on selecting books / CDs from book stalls. The programme concluded with Dua and Food.

Report by: Shaila Parveen (Media Secretary Halifax) and Nahid Shahid (MWL President Halifax)