MYL-S Halifax hold ‘Night of Remembrance: The Event of Karbala’


On Sunday 25 November 2012, the MYLUK Sisters Halifax, along with a large number of local sisters gathered at the Minhaj Education Centre in Halifax to remember the great sacrifices Imam Hussain AS made for Islam.

The gathering started by Sister Tahira Afzal welcoming all the participants on belhalf of MYL Halifax and handing out leaflets to everyone which contained various naats, and some information about the event of karbala, MYL Halifax activities and the London declaration of Peace. After this, recitation of the Holy Qur’an was beautifully done by Sister Saira Hussain, followed by a heart-touching manqabat of Imam Hussain RA by Sister Mevish Khan.

All the participants then recited Durood and Salaam collectively. All the sisters were requested to close their eyes and listen carefully to the events of Karbala. Sister Tahir Afzal went through the events leading up to Karbala and the martyrdom of Imam Hussain AS, His family members and His companions. This was a very emotional moment, where many sisters began to cry upon hearing about how the Blessed Grandson of the Beloved Prophet Peace be upon Him was martyred.

Following on from this, we discussed how we can learn from the event of Karbala and take those lessons and act upon them in our lives. Being patient in the time of hardships was discussed, trust in Allah Almighty and how we should stand up for what’s right.

Later, all the sisters collectively recited a heart-touching manqabat in the remembrance of Karbala “Syed nay karbala nay waday niba diyay hai”, after which we watched a short video clip by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri on the topic of Karbala.

As the time for Dhikr approached, the lights were turned off and the following Hadith was recited “Whenever people sit to remember Allah Almighty, Angels cover them (spreading their wings over them)...” [Tirmidhi]. The Dhikr was heart-touching and spiritually uplifting. Salaam was then sung upon the the Beloved Grandson of the Holy Prophet SAW and upon the Beloved Prophet SAW and the session concluded with an emotional dua.

Sister Asma Bi set up the literature stall containing DVD’s and Book’s by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri for the participants.

All sisters were then given chocolates and fruit at the end of this beautiful gathering.