MYL-S Halifax take their weekly session to the great outdoors!


MYL-S Halifax took their weekly sisters session to the great outdoors. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. The sisters walked 15 minutes to the Savile Park, beautiful grounds in the Halifax town. It was a lovely walk. The sisters sat in the park and talked about the signs of Allah Almighty.

We reflected upon how beautiful Allah Almighty has made the world, the birds tweeted away, the sky was beautifully blue, the shining sun, green grass, we spoke of how we should appreciate all the blessing Allah Almighty has granted us with.

After this, the sisters quietly meditated and pondered upon the blessings around us in our lives. Following on from this, the sisters played ball games, and enjoyed the weather.

After approximately 2 hours the sisters headed back, finishing the evening with a lovely walk.