MYL brothers in Halifax setup Ramadhan Stalls


Over the few years we have built good relations with the local mosques. We have made sure our presence is recognised and our contributions noted.

This has been most beneficial for our stalls over the past few Ramadan’s. Alhamdulillah our efforts are proving their worth as the stalls are becoming more and more popular, with local people more and more receptive to our material. As expected, this year has been far more successful than ever before.

This Ramadan we decided to target the 3 main mosques of Halifax, allocating a week to each as we all attended the itekaf in London. Helped by an emphatic announcement by an Imam we were overwhelmed by the positive response of local people to the stall. This is a testimony of our relations with mosques and also the awareness of the people.

We were offering everything from audio discs, English and Urdu DVD’s to the Teachings of Islam series books, some other books as well as Minhaj-us-Sawi and Irfan-ul-Quran which proved to be most popular.

We had recently invested in a heavy duty 6ft table which enabled to put out all our stock and a price gun to create a more professional look.

However there is much room for improvement. One idea is to have a portable DVD player at the stall for people to listen to and watch, this is sure to attract people to the stall. Some other requests we have been receiving are for perfume, naat discs and mens clothing. These are all possible avenues of revenue provided some investment.

Alhamdulillah we managed to sell around £400 worth of goods and this is primarily through the efforts of just 3 brothers in the small town of Halifax. And bear in mind there is no idara in Halifax. Just imagine what we could do collectively for the mission if every city was to hold stalls at their mosques or idara. And imagine what an impact we could make on the communities all over the country in terms of spreading the message. Just a thought...

As always we hope our efforts can spark life into neighbouring areas at a standstill. For further information do contact any of us.

Report by: Shoaib Iqbal