Annual Mawlid-un-Nabi conference 2016 by MWL HALIFAX UK


By the Grace of Allah (SWT) and the blessing of Best of His Creation Rasool (SAW), MWL & MYL organised Annual Mawlid-un-Nabi Programme in Halifax town.

This programme was held on 27th of December at the Madni Mosque, Gibbet Street Halifax.

Programme began with recitation of Surah Kauser by a respectable sister from the audience.

It continued with young girls who attend Sunday classes at Minhaj Library Centre reciting Naat "Jashne Aamde Rasool" MashaAllah.

In addition all Women League Sisters took part in Nasheeds to show their love and praise for Prophet (SAW). The emotions began to increase as the gathering started increasing as more participants present took part. Ladies were chanting with happiness by raising the green flags, hands and reading along with enjoyment.

Our guests speakers Sister Nasreen MWL North Zone President, Sister Ehram Fatima MWL North Zone Vice Secretary, Sister Shahida from MWL Sheffield and Sister Aleena Munir MYL -UK Walsall area coordinator just arrived at this moment to join us in the blessed occasion.

Youth sisters continued Mehfil by tuneful nasheeds in groups and individuals.

Such as:


  • Durood Shareef
  • Yah Rasool Allah pokaro
  • Naseeb chamkey hai
  • Aya kamli walaa


Youth sisters also held a book stall and help distribute books and DVDs to members of the audience.

Some lovely Nasheeds were recited by Sisters from the audience as everyone was excited with so much enthusiasm.

Sister Shahida also recited Naats in her own unique way to grasp hold of everyone's attention.

Following this an amazing duff Naat was performed by youth sister before English speech to attract the audience to feel the importance of Mawlid-Un-Nabi, praise of The Beloved (SAW).



  • Doom har janib machi hai
  • Aap kay milaad ki!
  • Har muslaman ko khoshi hai apki milad ki!


With this enlightened atmosphere Sister Aleena Munir from Walsall delivered her English talk.

Mashallah she highlighted on the love that Companions used to have for Prophet (SAW) by seeing him. In comparison to the adab and dignity and the love that His Ummah has now without seeing him. This means Ummah's love is more rewarded, Subhanallah. She also mentioned every creation in the world is also currently praising Allah (SWT) and His Beloved Prophet (SAW), such as trees, birds, stone and mountains and many more....

The ideology behind these examples was that we should learn lessons from them and increase our imaan and have true love. She finished off with great Duas that Allah give us all more courage to work harder for this great mission.

At this moment few more Naats were read by audience to entertain participants. A variety of sweets were also offered to the gathering.

Before Sister Nasreen Akhter, began her speech once again a youth sister performed a beautiful Arabic Naat with duff to grab people’s attention for Urdu speech.

Alhamdulillah, the moment we were all waiting for had arrived the (Urdu speech) which the participants were looking eager and forward to listen to.

Sister Nasreen began with stating Taj-dari Kainaat is Nabi for whole mankind. No one can define the true love in their own wording.

She quoted Hadiths about Sun and Moon how they used to pay respect and obey orders of Prophet (SAW) in his childhood.

Following this speech she was more focused on motivation. Such as Ishq -E- Mustafa should be our life spirit, If our love is so strong and pure it will definitely transfer into our next generation Inshallah.

This is call sadqa jaria Alhamdulilah.

She insisted ladies to give their time to this great mission "Minhaj-ul-Quran" whatever you can? Then see how your life is going to change.

She stated lots of examples from Minhaj-ul-Quran to inspire ladies to join this mission.

She concluded her speech with, May Allah (SWT) grow and protect our Imaan, love and faith.

Programme was hosted by Sister Jamila Akhtar MWL Halifax President.

At the end Zikr was done by Sister Jamila Akhtar.

Khatam sharif and heart touching Dua was read by Sister Nasreen.

Milaad dinner was served to all ladies at the end.

May Allah (SWT) give huge rewards to all MWL and MYL sisters who put lots of efforts to organise brilliant Mawlid-un-Nabi for community's ladies and youth sisters.

Reported by: Nahid Shahid MWL Halifax (Media Secretary)