Halqaat e Darood held by MWL Halifax


On the 7th September MWL Halifax held a Halqaat e darood Mehfil at the usual location, the MWL Halifax centre. Once all the ladies had gathered, we began to read darood Sharief and Alhamdulillah we managed to accumulate a total of 5700.

Then Sister Nahid, president of MWL Halifax, read an extract from the Minhaj ul Savi book and with that she also narrated and translated a few ruckoos from the second saparah. This was followed by sister Robina who read a hadith from the book imam. Then sister Naseem read a beautiful hadith about Hazrat Ibrahim alaihis Salam almost giving sacrifice of his son Hazrat Ismail Alaihis Salam in the name of qurbani. Sister Sajida then read qaseeda burdah Sharief and sister Safina read a beautiful naat. We were then shown a video of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri who was explaining the difference between a person who reads namaaz and a person who has the intention of reading every namaaz and being committed to reading namaaz 5 times a day. We then finished our programme by read Salam and Dua MashaAllah it was a great programme.

By Sajida Ilyas General Secretary MWL Halifax