MWL Halifax hold Shauhada Model Town Lahore Quran Khwaani


On Monday the 22nd June, the first Monday of the blessed Holy month of Ramadhan Shareef, a Zikr Mehfil was held at the Minhaj Woman’s League Halifax centre where we all gathered to recite Quran e Paak to send collective blessings and Duas for for those who lost their lives in Shuhda Model Town, Lahore a year ago.

Alhamdulillah, to begin with all of the sisters recited Durood Shareef. Along with this we also recited Surat Yaseen. After our recitation time Sister Nahid President of MWl Halifax began to narrate the events that occurred during the Lahore Massacre. Everybody listened attentively and gained a lot of knowledge from the talk which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  After the talk everyone joined together to do Dua for those who lost their lives and became martyrs.

After this we all read a beautiful Zikr which was lead by Sister Jamila, North Zone Dawah Secretary.Then Sister Sajida General Secretary of MWL Halifax recited Qaseeda Burdha Shareef and we all enjoyed Naats read by Sister Safina and Sister Shaheen. The Mehfil concluded with Sister Nahid doing khatmi Quran khani.

Report by Sister Sajida General Secretary MWL Halifax
Edited by MWL UK Media Team