MWL and MYL Sisters Halifax Annual New Year Midnight Dhikr


On New Year’s Eve' Wednesday 31st December 2014, MWL and MYL Sisters Halifax organised the 5th Annual NEW YEAR Midnight Dhikr for the Sisters of Halifax at The Minhaj Education Project.

This year it was extra special as it was a MAWLID SPECIAL! The event commenced at 10.30pm with tasbih of durood shareef and nafl, followed by beautiful naats and a short talk about Allah Almighty's Mercy, Forgiveness, the significance of Dhikr and the importance of having deep love of Holy Prophet PBUH.

At 11.40pm the Dhikr commenced, it was a highly spiritual and emotional.

The gathering ended with Salaam, Dua and sweets for everyone as a NEW YEAR'S gift.

Alhamdulillah, it was a great event, one which many sisters look forward to every year!


Reported by MWL Halifax Media Secretary.

Edited by MWL UK Media Team.