MWL Burnley Commemorate Shuda E Inqilab


On 17 June 2015, the Burnley MWL Tanzeem held a Quran khawani to commemorate the first Anniversary of the Martyrs whom tragically lost their lives in the Model Town tragedy.  A year has passed but still no justice has been served.

In honour of the martyrs the gathering was attended by 20 Sisters. It began with Quran Khawani, all the sisters participated and recited 3 times Quran E Majeed this was then followed by recitation of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) Naats which were beautifully recited by Sisters Zahida, Kiran and Aiaza. Durood Sharif and Surat Yaseen were read in abundance.

The purpose for the gathering was to send Isalae Sawaab for the departed souls and to honour their sacrifices. Sister Zahida finished the Mehfil with a special prayer for the Martyrs. By the Grace of Allah SWT,may their souls rest in peace and have highest place in heaven. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Reported by Nahid Kosur, Media Secretary Burnley UK