Minhaj Women League Bolton hold Cancer awareness workshop


Minhaj Women League Bolton held a workshop to raise awareness about cancer and inform women on how they can reduce their risk of developing cancer. The workshop commenced with the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran followed by salutations and blessing being sent on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The workshop was delivered by Sister Adila Parveen, a radio therapist at Oldham hospital, and sister Saika (MWL Blackburn President). English translation was done by Sister Naseem Hussain to allow both English and Urdu speakers to fully benefit from the workshop.

The audience was informed of the common signs and symptoms of various types of cancer including breast, bowel, skin, cervical, lung, kidney, bladder and skin cancers. The audience was informed of the measures that they can take to minimise the risk of certain cancers developing including exercise, eating healthily and visiting the doctor for regular check ups. Sister Adila and Sister Saika emphasised the importance of regular cancer screening in order to prevention and reducing the risk of developing cancer.

Attendees provided positive feedback and requested for further such workshops to be arranged. Refreshments were provided to everyone at the end.