Annual Mawlid by MWL Bolton


On the 31st of January 2016 a grand Mawlid was held at the New Madina Masjid. The spiritual gathering was opened with beautiful recitation of the Glorious Qur'an recited by Sister Sennia Ahmed. Sister Abida praised the Almighty Lord by reciting a heart touching Hamd. This was followed by Sister Anaab Ahme glorifying our Beloved Prophet Peace and Blessings Upon Him with the Qasidah Burdah Shareef.

Many Naats were recited by Sister Abiha Sultan, Sister Rabia Habib and Sister Asiya to invoke blessings and honour our Beloved PBUH. These melodious recitations created and electrifying spiritual atmosphere and injected passion in to the gathering. Sister Sajida delivered a brief speech in English on the permissibility and beauty of celebrating Mawlid. The gifts of Naats continued with Sister Farrah, Sister Deeba and Sister Shazia. All the Sisters joined in with these. To follow the guest Naat reciter Sister Sannah recited some emotive Naats and all the gathering once again reflected spiritual vibes.

The moment that all the Sisters had been eagerly awaiting then arrived with the Key note Speaker Ustadha Fatima Mash'hadi President Minhaj Women League UK delivering an eloquent message. She spoke engagingly about the three questions that will be asked in the grave in the light of several Ahadeeth. She referred to these from the book compiled by his Eminence Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri Titled 'Hidaya Tull Ummah'. She highlighted the significance of the third question when the deceased will be asked in reference to Our Beloved ''what did you use to say about Him PBUH in your lifetime?'' The response to this question would thus determine a place in Heaven or Hell depending on whether Our Beloved was recognised and what was stated about him in the deceased's lifetime. The Hadeeth she used are stated below:

Narrated by Anas bin Malik (r.)

"Allah’s Apostle PBUH & his progeny said, “When (Allah’s) slave is put in his grave and his companions return and he even hears their footsteps, two angels come to him and make him sit and ask, ‘What did you used to say about this man (i.e. Muhammad PBUH & his progeny)?’ The faithful Believer will say, ‘I testify that he is Allah’s slave and His Apostle.’ Then they will say to him, ‘Look at your place in the Hell Fire; Allah has given you a place in Paradise instead of it.’ So he will see both his places.” [Qatada (r.) said, “We were informed that his grave would be made spacious.” Then Qatada (r.) went back to the narration of Anas (r.) who said;] Whereas a hypocrite or a non-believer will be asked, “What did you used to say about this man PBUH & his progeny?” He will reply, “I do not know; but I used to say what the people used to say.” So they will say to him, “Neither did you know nor did you take the guidance.” Then he will be hit with iron hammers once, that he will send such a cry as everything near to him will hear, except Jinns and human beings".

Ustadha Fatima spoke about taking a life changing journey with Minhaj-ul-Qur'an to follow in the beautiful footsteps of Hadhrat Zainab Alaihisalaam to spread the deen of Our Beloved. The message delivered was highly emotive and thought provoking, All the Sisters' voiced immensely positive feedback regarding this message and felt that their love for our Beloved had been reignited in their hearts. MWL Bolton felt highly honoured to have Ustadha Fatima Mash'hadi President MWL UK amongst them.

Salaam was recited and a heartfelt Dua was made by Sister Khalida.

Food was served to all the Sisters present.

Reported by Ehram Fatima MWL North Zone Deputy Secretary