Monthly Dars Irfan-ul-Quran and Halaqa-e-Durood commences in Blackburn


This month’s Dars e Irfan ul Quran and Halqa e Darood was held at Haji Yakoob sahib’s residence on 02/09/2012 at around 19:00. As members of MQI Blackburn agreed in a recent meeting that both; the  Dars e Irfan ul Quran and Halqa e Darood  will be held every month as a one unit, this was followed.

This spiritual program started at around 19:00 with participants reading Darood Shareef. Darood Shareef was read around 2,500 on this occasion. The recitation from Glorious Quran was done by Qari Imtiaz sahib.

Soon after the recitation Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah a local scholar from a well respected background started giving a lecture on the subject of “importance and benefits of sending salutations (Daroods) on Prophet Muhammad SAWW”. Gulzar sahib shed light on different ways Allah SWT blesses those who send salutations on Prophet Muhammad SAWW.

Allama sahib said that those who hold and participate in such gatherings to send salutations on our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW are indeed specially chosen by Allah SWT and they do this by the grace of Almighty Allah SWT. Allama sahib also added that in today’s life when everybody is so busy in his life and work, one hardly finds time to offer Namaz, so this is a great work for those who take time from their busy schedule to organise and participate in such events.

Two course meals were served by Haji Yakoob sahib after the Maghreb prayer and final dua was made by Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah to conclude the proceedings for the day.

MQI Blackburn holds this spiritual gathering every months and scholars, either from local Masjids or from MQI Nelson participate to deliver keynote lectures. Such gatherings are held on first Sunday of every month.

MQI Blackburn aims to gather more and more people from our community to such blessed gatherings and youths are specially targeted to come to these programs to gain religious knowledge and to also entertain their souls with ever-lasting pleasure of Glorious Quran and Darood Shareef.

Report by: Muhammad Arslan Ali Qadri (MQI, Blackburn Coordinator)