MWL Accrington Sayyeda Zainab (R.A) Conference


MWL Accrington held a Muharram Conference with guest speaker Sister Qurat-ul-ain Mudasir (Scholar from Minhaj University) on the 5th September 2019 at a Local Community Centre in Accrington. The Conference was organised by MWL Accrington Members Bajee Yasmeen Shabir (President), Bajee Rifat Saeed (Durood Coordinator) and Bajee Nafeesa Shabbir (Media Secretary).

The Conference highlighted the sacrifices and struggles made by Imam Hussain (a.s) and family with a particular insight into the exemplary character of Sayyedina Zainab (a.s) as a pillar of strength, righteousness and bravery shown during the siege of Karbala and afterwards. An emotional Dua was made with "Ya Hussain Tujhay Salaam" read by Shaheen Akhtar (Welfare Secretary). Food was also served. May Allah reward also Bajee Sadia Munir (Dawah Secretary), Bajee Maqsood Akhtar (Membership Secretary), Bajee Shabnum Shaheen (Vice Secretary), Bajee Zainab Kamran (MWL North Zone Media Secretary) and Bajee Tahzim Akhtar (Vice President) for all their hard work and passion for our blessed Qibla Hazoor’s vision.