MWL Accrington Weekly Halqa Durood and Model Town Remembrance Mehfil


MWL Accrington (North Zone UK) alongside their Halqa Durood coordinated a special Mehfil to highlight the great sacrifices and hardships endured by the brave martyrs of the Model Town tragedy of June 2014.

The Mehfil held at Ghausia Rizvia Jamia Masjid and Islamic Centre was attended by 20 plus ladies, was led by MWL senior Bajee Rifat Saeed who passionately enlightened the Mehfil with the remarkable sacrifices made by these brave people. Reference was taken from Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri speeches who have always honoured these individuals with the utmost respect and praise.
The recitation of various Surah’s for the eternal rewards in including 1 Quran Paak, 10 paray, 24 Surah Yaseen, 1 Surah Muhammad 3 Surah Rahman, 2 Surah Mulk, 2, Surah Muzammil, 1 Surat Fatha, 1 Surah Kahf, 2 Dua Jameela,13 Duroode-Taj,1 Durood Likhe, 55 Ayatul Kursi, Ahad Nama and 20,000 Kalima Tayyiba. Additionally, Durood Shareef was recited approximately 47,000 times. Bajee Shaheen Akhtar (Welfare Secretary) read Durood o Salaam. Bajee Rifat concluded the Mehfil with an emotional Dua asking Allah Almighty to handsomely reward the victims of the Model Town Massacre, to raise their status on the Day of Judgment and may their sacrifices serve as an example of resilience and defiance. Ameen.