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MWL Walsall hold ‘Where is the love?’ Seminar


9/11, 7/7, Paris attacks etc. These are just a few examples of attacks that take place all over the world. Over the past two decades, the amount of terrorist attacks like these have increased, innocent men, women and children are killed on a daily basis. The question on everyone’s mind is ‘Where is the love?’

On Saturday 21st January 2017, Minhaj Women League Walsall held a Seminar looking at the concept of Peace in Islam.

The seminar began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, and the recitation of a beautiful nasheed by sister Lubna (MWL Midlands President). The seminar consisted of two presentations:

• To seek mercy, seek love

• The Prophet (saw): Embodiment of Love and Mercy.

The first presentation was carried out by Sister Zahra Hussain (MWL Walsall Dawah Secretary), she led the presentation with a starter activity where participants discussed ‘where we can find love in the world? And where is love in Islam?’ Participants discussed how many of the points overlapped as Islam is not just a religion but a complete way of life.

She began by stating that love is found in three entities in Islam, including Allah, the Deen of Islam and the Prophet (saw). The message taken from the presentation was that love is the basis of Deen. Allah, his messenger (saw), the teachings of Islam carry one prominent message; love everyone. The relationship between Allah and his creation is a relationship of love, the relationship between the Holy prophet (saw) and his ummah is a relationship of love, the relationship between one Muslim and another Muslim is a relationship of love and the relationship between one human and another human is a relationship of love. If we put together love, peace and knowledge in it’s real sense, they form Islam. Islam eliminated hatred through love, terrorism through peace and ignorance through knowledge.

The first presentation ended with a fun game called ‘the loop game’, all participants were given a slip with Quranic verses, hadith and quotes from the presentation. Each slip had part of the information on, the aim of the game was to try and connect all of the information together. Everyone had an enjoyable time as well testing their knowledge on the presentation. The presentation was interactive and engaging keeping participants interested throughout.

Following a break for salaah and refreshments the second presentation began.

The second presentation was delivered by Sister Aleena (MWL Walsall General secretary), she began the presentation with a starter activity where everyone discussed what was Arabia like before Islam and the prophet Muhammad (saw)? This had given the audience the opportunity to discuss their prior knowledge. She stated that looking at the state of Arabia before Islam, the Prophet (saw) brought change within this society through love and mercy and he was never stern or harsh, if he had been people would have fled from his presence and this is big lesson for the believers.

Participants were then put in groups, each group had to find a hadith related to the Prophets mercy towards particular groups of people. They were then given ‘Muhammad (saw) the merciful’ By Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri and asked to find a hadith about the Prophet’s mercy and look at what stands out about the Prophet (saw)s mercy within that hadith.

She then went into detail at the Prophets mercy towards different groups of people, she did this by looking at different hadith of the Prophets character and linked them to recent news articles and case studies, which showed how unfortunately, Muslims are away from the teachings of Islam and the Prophet (saw). From the hadiths presented it was evident that the Prophet (saw) is the embodiment of love and mercy. the Prophet (saw) was merciful towards everyone, from the smallest of insects, to his greatest enemies. She ended by stating that as Muslims to educate ourselves with the true teachings of Islam and adopt the characteristics of the Prophet (saw) within our lives.

The event was delivered in the format of a university seminar with all participant having handouts for note taking as well as opportunities for group activities and discussions. Due to the nature of the event a number of professionals and students were present each of which left positive feedback. All participants left with a better understanding of the true peaceful message of Islam.

Some of the feedback from participants:

“Breaking up the presentations was good and interaction was good. Especially the activity at the end of first presentation.”

“The presentation 2 was good how there were current news articles that made topics relevant to what is happening today. The interactive parts were very useful.”

“MashaAllah very informative seminar always learnt some more knowledge of Islam when attended.”