Chand Raat by MYL Sisters in Tipton & Dudley


On 5th November 2011, the MYL Sisters in Tipton and Dudley held a Chaand Raat which Alhamdulillah was a great success. Many women attended to pamper themselves in order to get ready for Eid ul Adha.

There were a large variety stalls available including mehndi, ear/nose peircings, nail art, head massage and much more. Children were also welcome to attend and enjoyed the evening by participating in competitions to win prizes. A lot of them played the games again several times to try and win something! Food was on sale including Pakoras and spring rolls in containers, these became sold out! A raffle was then held towards the end of the event, with many prizes for both women and children to be won, this brought in an excited crowd. The event was a great success, Alhamdulillah.

A big well done to all those involved from MYL-Sisters UK!