Sandwell MWL UK Shab-e-Miraaj Celebration


On Sunday 18th May Sandwell Minhaj Women’s League UK held an event to celebrate Shab-e-Miraaj at Corbett Street Mosque in Smethwick. We started off with Tilawat and nasheeds which were recited by sister Nabila. Our stage secretary sister Tasleem then introduced our speaker sister Ruksana Aalam who gave a speech on the beautiful meeting between Allah S.W.T and His Beloved Prophet Muhammed SAW.


  • PROGRAM: Sandwell MWL UK Shab-e-Miraaj Celebration
  • VENUE: Corbett Street Mosque Smethwick
  • DATE: 18/05/14
  • STAGE SECRETARY: Sister Tasleem Kosar
  • TILAWAT & NASHEEDS: Sister Nabila
  • SPEAKER: Sister Ruksana Aalam


ORGANISED BY: Sandwell MWL President Tasleem Kosar & General Secretary Shabnam Parween

Sister Fardos Shahid from Minhaj Youth League then led the recitation of Darood Sharif, we finished with Salaam on the Holy Prophet SAW and food was served to all attendees.

Reported by Asia Barkat, Media Secretary MWL Sandwell.