Halqa E Darood Mehfil – Sandwell


On Wednesday 4th November 2015 a Halqa e Durood gathering was held at Sister Shanaz's house in Smethwick. Sister Razia started off the Mehfil with the recitation of The Glorious Quran and followed it by reading some Nasheeds.

Sister Sadia President of Minhaj Women’s League Sandwell delivered a speech in Urdu to the ladies at the gathering. The speech that was given was derived from Shaykh-ul- Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri's book called 'Shahadat E Imam Hussain AS'.

Durood Sharif was recited. A talk promoting Minhaj Dawah Project and Minhaj Welfare Foundation Projects, was given to all attendees as well. A copy of the English translated Holy Quran by Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri was given to a new Muslim sister who also attended this blessed gathering for the first time.

Reported By Asia Barkat (Sandwell Minhaj Women’s League)
Edited by MWL UK Media Team